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JOOLA Simone Jardim Hyperion C2 CFS 14

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Thinner, powerful version of Simone's paddle with 14mm core + carbon friction face + Charged Carbon technology. A well-balanced control paddle that delivers plenty of pop and power.


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The Simone Jardim Hyperion C2 features a new Carbon Charged Surface Technology for impressive power and pop as well as easy spin generation for keeping your shots on target. The Aero-Curve shape design gives this paddle a fast-swinging profile, while the carbon-framed design fortifies the paddle’s strength and durability to ensure a consistent playing experience game after game. USAPA Approved for tournament play.


  • Average Weight: 7.7 ounces
  • Paddle Length: 16.5″
  • Paddle Width: 7.5″
  • Handle Length: 5.5″
  • Grip Circumference: 4 1/8″ (Small) Actual grip sizes may vary up to 1/8″
  • Grip Style: Gray Feel-Tec Pure Grip
  • Grip Manufacturer: JOOLA Pickleball
  • Paddle Face: Carbon Friction Surface (CFS)
  • Core Material: Reactive Polymer Honeycomb, Hyperfoam Edge Wall
  • Core Thickness: 14mm (0.55″)
  • Edge Guard: Enhanced Edge Guard Protection
  • Manufacturer: JOOLA Pickleball
  • Made in China
  • USAPA-approved


  • AERO-CURVE: Pro-proven, unique head curvature creates less drag and increases swing speed.
  • CARBON-CHARGED SURFACE: An additive bonding treatment that strengthens the surface of the paddle to provide a crisper feel with greater energy return. Results in impressive feedback with a poppier response.
  • REACTIVE HONEYCOMB CORE: Specially tuned for the high-level player to maximize the consistency of the bounce and feel necessary for every shot.
  • CARBON FRICTION SURFACE: JOOLA’s CFS technology utilizes a more advanced, durable, longer lasting Carbon-Flex5 textured surface, harnessing raw power while providing maximum spin.
  • HYPERFOAM EDGE WALL: Specialized foam injected into the perimeter of the paddle adding weight and stability, increasing the sweet spot for consistent edge to edge performance
  • FEEL-TEC PURE GRIP: Offers a tacky feel for enhanced grip while also providing optimal comfort and increased shock absorption.
  • CARBON-FRAMED DESIGN: Fully encased Carbon frame for increased strength and durability.
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