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All Pickleball Superstore’s shipping and warranty information can be found below. For any further information or clarification, please contact our team at prior to your purchase.



Pickleball Superstore ships right around Australia using Australia Post’s eParcel system along with TNT and StarTrack Express. All orders are trackable online.

FREE Standard Shipping applies to all orders over $250.00!

A flat rate shipping fee of $9.90 applies to all website orders under $250.00.

Express shipping for $18.00 can be applied to all website orders.

Delivery times vary around Australia. Orders will be dispatched within 1-2 business days and delivered within 3-5 business days for standard delivery and 1-2 days for express shipping.



ENGAGE PICKLEBALLLimited lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects and workmanship for the life of the paddle. See website for restrictions and further details. Please note the warranty is non transferable.

GEARBOXPaddles are covered for 1 year against manufacturers defect of the original purchase. (non transferrable)

SELKIRK SPORT: Selkirk Sport Pickleball paddles are guaranteed against workmanship and manufacturer defects for the lifetime of the paddle with activation of warranty through the registering of the paddle with Selkirk Sport. The warranty is not transferable after registration and only applies to original owner. See website for restrictions and further details.

PADDLETEK: Paddletek provides a limited lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects and workmanship for the lifetime of the paddle with activation of the warranty by registering the paddle with Paddletek. See website for restrictions and further details.

ONIX: All Onix Pickleball paddles are backed by a limited manufacturer warranty that covers manufacturer defects and workmanship in the paddles for one year from the point of purchase. The warranty does not cover modifications from its original design, normal wear and tear, alterations to the grip, damage caused by abuse, weather-related damages, as well as fading, small indentations (less than one inch in diameter), or scratches on the paddle surface. The warranty is non transferrable, and does not cover demo paddles. Warranties cover repair or replacement of the warranted product to the original purchaser only. See website for restrictions and further details.


What’s Covered?
Manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship are covered for the lifetime of the product.

What’s Not Covered?
Normal wear and tear, damage caused by abuse, negligence or user modification, and the natural breakdown or fading of graphics over extended use are not covered. Hitting the ground with the paddle or a hard object, such as another paddle, may cause loosening of the edging, damage to the core/face and loosening of the handle, resulting in a compromised performance of the paddle. This is not covered under the warranty.

Shipping of equipment to Pickleball Superstore for warranty claims are to be paid by the customer. If the customers claim is successful, Pickleball Superstore will ship the replacement at our cost. If the customers claim is denied and you wish to have your equipment returned to you, shipping will be at the cost of the customer.

Because of the nature of materials used in design for performance, it 
is possible for paddles to dent when they make contact with an object other than a ball (e.g. another player’s paddle, the metal part of net, etc.). Unless the dent is very large, it will not decrease the performance of your paddle. In the first six months after your purchase, 
we will replace a paddle that dents due to normal use and not negligence or abuse. The dent must be larger than a half-inch in diameter to fall under our warranty. A paddle that dents after the first six months is not covered under our lifetime warranty (denting can only occur when a paddle makes contact with an object other than a ball).


*Pickleball Superstore endeavors to uphold the limited lifetime warranty for Selkirk, Engage, and Paddletek paddles in Australia. The Pickletech Club, SLK by Selkirk Neo, SLK by Selkirk Latitude, Franklin X-1000, Engage Omega Status, Engage Trident, and Paddletek G6, and all Onix paddles are covered for one year. For any inquiries, please contact

Paddle Care:
*Do not leave your paddle in excessive heat.
*Do not hit your paddle against objects other than Pickleball balls.
*Use Glass Cleaner for cleaning the surface of your paddle.

Want to contact Pickleball Superstores to discuss shipping and warranty? Please be in touch with our team by sending an email to

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