JOOLA Primo Pickleball Ball (4 Pack)

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JOOLA Primo Pickleball Ball (4 Pack)

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The JOOLA Primo Ball, constructed with durable polyethylene, is ideal for all-weather play with a reliable bounce. USAPA-approved for tournament use + compatible with pickleball machines.


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The JOOLA Primo Ball is the ideal choice for tournament and recreational play. These official outdoor pickleballs are 74mm & weigh 26 grams. Well balanced pickleballs minimize the wobbling effect and allow for better usage with a pickleball machine.


  • Number of Holes: 40

  • Weight: 26gm

  • Size: 74mm

  • USAPA Approved

  • 4 Balls Included


DURABLE & LONG-LASTING: The JOOLA Primo Ball is a rotationally molded, one-piece ball specifically formulated with a durable polyethylene material.

ALL-WEATHER PLAY: Polyethylene material performs consistently in warmer climates and naturally hardens in lower temperatures to resist cracking and deforming. These balls are designed to reduce the impact of the wind to create a predictable and consistent trajectory.

CONSISTENT BOUNCE: Each ball features 40 precision-drilled holes to minimize the wobbling effect, designed for an exceptional and consistent bounce you can rely on during play.

USAPA-APPROVED: These USAPA-approved tournament outdoor pickleball balls empower players to play their best anywhere, anytime.

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