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JOOLA Heleus Pickleball (4 Pack)

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Pickleball with a 40-hole pattern based on the Fibonacci Sphere Algorithm. Engineered for liveliness + consistency of flight + durability. Bright yellow color for great visibility.


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The JOOLA Heleus Ball consists of combined systematic testing techniques with actual game play on the pickleball court to evaluate dozens of competitors’ pickle balls and prototypes. JOOLA then focused on three core functions: consistent flight, liveliness, and durability. Using the Fibonacci Sphere Algorithm, JOOLA has produced a patent pending design for 40 precisely equidistant holes, paired with 70+ years of experience in developing and testing table tennis balls to ensure the playability and consistency. The design and materials used to perfect the playability have the knock on effect of producing a premium, long lasting, durable pickleball for outdoor or indoor play.


  • Class: Indoor/Outdoor
  • Size: 74MM
  • Weight: 26g


  • PERFECTLY ENGINEERED: JOOLA’s engineers used the Fibonacci Sphere Algorithm to create a patent-pending design for 40 precisely equidistant holes. The result is the most consistent pickleball ball on the market today.
  • ALL-WEATHER PLAY: Polyethylene material performs consistently in warmer climates and naturally hardens in lower temperatures to resist cracking and deforming. Designed to reduce the impact of the wind to create a predictable and consistent trajectory.
  • CONSISTENT FLIGHT & BOUNCE: These balls have been subjected to countless drag, drop, and flight trajectory tests to ensure reliability and stability with a lively and crisp feel.
  • USAPA APPROVED: Premium outdoor pickleball balls for tournaments & open play. Players will quickly notice the true flight & lower ball deformation at impact while rec players get a ball that can be played with without cracking.
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