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The HEAD Extreme Tour LITE Graphite Paddle offers a light weight and plenty of technology to help you react quickly at the kitchen + more control all over the court.

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Designed for precise control, the HEAD Extreme Tour LITE Paddle works to boost touch and reaction time for players who relish battles at the kitchen line. A faster swing is enabled by the combination of the aerodynamic diamond shape and the light 7.2 oz. total weight. This low weight Extreme Tour LITE is the lightest in the Extreme Tour line and is created by building out the 7-7/8″ wide by 16-1/16″ long paddle with an Optimized Tubular Construction (OTC) honeycomb polymer core. The core is a slim 11mm thickness and is augmented by FoamedCore technology which strategically places vibration-dampening foam within the core. This treatment also mutes the ball-on-paddle sound and results in exceptional touch and control without weighing you down.

    Atop the high-tech core of the Extreme Tour LITE lies a graphite carbon hitting surface that is coated in HEAD’s unique SpinOn texture. This combination of graphite and texture provides tons of bite for precise spin shots and forgiveness of off-center mis-hits from deeper in the court. The HydroSorb Pro Black grip absorbs sweat for a tacky, comfortable fit in the palm.

The HEAD Extreme Tour LITE Graphite Paddle offers a light weight and plenty of technology to help you react quickly at the kitchen while having more control all over the court.

  • Weight: 7.2 ounces
  • Paddle Height: 16 1/16″
  • Paddle Width: 7 7/8″
  • Paddle Thickness: 11mm (0.433″)
  • Grip Circumference: 4 1/8″ (Small) Actual grip sizes may vary up to 1/8″
  • Handle Length: 5″
  • Grip: HydroSorb Pro
  • Core: Optimized Tubular Construction (OTC) Polymer Honeycomb with FoamedCore Technology
  • Face: Graphite Hitting Surface with SpinOn Texture
  • Edge Guard
  • Made in China


  • EXTREME SPIN: HEAD’s Extreme Spin Texture offers better bite on the ball for increased spin and control.
  • COMFORT GRIP SYSTEM: Specially formulated PU material has been inlaid into the new Ergo Grip creating a softer feel that dampens vibration for ultimate comfort and playability.
  • GRAPHITE / CARBON HITTING SURFACE: HEAD’s Graphite Hitting Surface (GHS) offers a superior feel and increased control for the competitive player. This lightweight surface provides the paddle a reactive nature creating excellent pop on the ball while maintaining incredible touch.
  • OPTIMIZED TUBULAR CORE: HEAD engineers have optimized the Tubular Construction (OTC) of the polypropylene honeycomb core to create perfect playability, feel and sound suited for all levels of play.
  • CST (Control Stabilizer Technology): HEAD’s CST optimizes the paddle’s torsional stability of even the lightest paddle in addition to reducing vibrations. The specifically engineered weight distribution system results in optimal precision with great feel and touch.
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