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Franklin 12 Ball Retrieval Tube

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Quick and easy retrieval of pickleballs from the court. Simply press one end of the tube over the ball, and it will store itself in the tube.


Franklin pickleball

In stock


The Pickleball Retrieval Tube from Franklin Sports is a must-have accessory for any level of pickleball player. No more bending and reaching for pickleballs; the tube effortlessly retrieves, stores and transports pickleballs. The tube holds 12 regulation size pickleballs.


  • Easily transportable with the included adjustable shoulder strap.
  • Easy use fence hook makes storing your pickleballs fast and convenient.
  • Stores, transports and collects up to 12 standard size pickleballs.
  • 37 inch long tube to prevent the need for bending.

*TUBE ONLY- balls not included*

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