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Selkirk Club 4 Paddle Package

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Package includes: 4 Selkirk Club paddles, 6 yellow outdoor Onix balls, 6 lime green indoor Jugs balls.

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Pickleball Package includes: 4 Club paddles, 6 yellow outdoor Onix balls, 6 lime green indoor Jugs balls.

Selkirk’s Club is the perfect beginner paddle for players just getting started in Pickleball.  The Club has been stripped down to the bare essentials but includes Selkirk’s great playing characteristics- the Polymer PowerCore™ honeycomb core and innovative DuraGrip™ technology instead of a standard grip wrap.  Weighing in at just over 7oz, the club is lightweight for quick reaction time, but not so light it feels like you are swinging a fly swatter. A paddle under 7oz will not provide the power necessary to succeed in Pickleball, where as a paddle over 7oz will tire your arm not have the required control to succeed the finesse Pickleball game. Choose a paddle lightweight, unlike wood, but heavy enough to offer the right power and control. This is a paddle you can confidently recommend to a beginner that will make their first experience with Pickleball a great one!



Skill Level: Beginner

Weight: 7.7-7.9oz

Height: 15.675”

Width: 7.875”

Grip Length: 5.0”

Grip Circumference: 4.125”

Selkirk DuraGrip

Core: Polymer PowerCore

Face: Composite

Surface: Raw

Edge: EdgeSentry Extra Protection

Made in the USA by Selkirk Sport

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