Neo + Club Paddle Package

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Package includes: 2 blue NEO paddles, 2 Club paddles, 6 yellow outdoor Onix balls, 6 lime green indoor Jugs balls.


Selkirk Neo × 2

The Selkirk NEO is the ultimate starter paddle, made of the same polymer honeycomb core as Selkirk’s premium paddles.


Selkirk Club × 2

The Selkirk Club is the perfect beginner paddle for players just getting started in Pickleball.

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Jugs Indoor Pickleball × 6

The Jugs Bulldog Indoor Pickleball is a fantastic indoor Pickleball.

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Onix Pure 2 Outdoor Pickleball × 6

The new Onix Pure 2 Outdoor Ball is the first ball specifically designed and optimized for the sport of pickleball.

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